30 October 2011

Balsamic Onion Cheesy Biscuits

This post is about a recipe that my girlfriend Hilary and I made way back in March, and now it's just coming around to be cold enough again to make sense to post.  I know I've been lagging on this blog, but I want to continue to post the recipes I make, and hopefully will get more regular about that with time.  This particular idea was Hilary's invention, adapted from the amazing Simply Recipes recipe for Rustic Onion Tart.  Instead of using the rustic tart dough, Hilary made cream biscuits, split them for a base to cover the bottom of a loaf pan, layered the onions on top, and topped with Dubliner cheese to melt in the oven.  This was an awesome idea.  Oniony, balsamicy, buttery, cheesy, yum.  You can also slice the melty mess into individual biscuits again, wrap, freeze, and then just stick in the toaster oven one at a time for breakfast.