20 July 2007

I probably shouldn't be admitting this on a blog my mother reads (hi, Mom!) but today I had my very first hangover. Well, it was bound to happen sometime, right? I always thought it was pretty counterintuitive to eat greasy foods when you're feeling sick the morning after a drinking binge, but it turns out that they are just as amazing as rumoured.

I should note that I don't normally drink much, and I just had a two-month drinking hiatus to avoid immediately becoming an alcoholic upon starting law school. I think this was wise, as I saved an awful lot of money and drinking really is a big thing out here, but when presented with a bottle of 1915 Jack Daniels Gold Medal whisky to celebrate the return to alcohol, I went a wee bit overboard. The funny thing is, my friends actually thought the stuff was bottled in 1915, which I was a bit sceptical on, seeing as how whisky that old would be worth hundreds of dollars in most cases. It turns out it was actually bottled in 2002, but hey, five-year old whisky is still respectable. This still tastes like Jack, but it's incredibly smooth and has a wonderful buttery taste. It's a limited bottling, so I probably won't be sampling the stuff again, but that's okay. Once was enough.

So this morning a group of us went to the Village Inn for breakfast before class. The restaurant is basically like a Denny's or a Friendly's, but the roof is a hideous shade of teal and the sign is a hideous shade of orange, which is in my opinion an excellent combination. I'm not huge on breakfast food, but something about what I ordered really hit the spot. I had a veggie skillet, which was basically homefried potatoes with some veggies and cheese, two eggs over easy on the top, and a side of pancakes. Sometime I'll do a pancake post, but I have to reluctantly admit that I've always had a guilty pleasure preference for nice, fluffy white flour pancakes like you get in diners, whereas my Daddy always makes whole wheat flour griddle cakes that are infinitely better for you but to me always had a bit of a burnt taste. They're all right drowned in syrup, but today's pancakes were so much tastier.

Now, of course, I have a desire to replicate this, so I'm considering doing a bit of a potato thing myself tomorrow. I have about ten red baby potatoes leftover from the other night's rosemary and caper recipe, and an onion I really need to use soon. I was thinking of trying something fancy with sherry but I think I'll just do a simple fry up with rosemary and salt, maybe even scramble some eggs. I don't think I'm quite ready for pancakes, but we'll see. The scrambled eggs should be interesting. I'm horrible at them, and though my roommate Katherine tried to teach me in Ireland, I'm highly sceptical. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Carver said...

Hi Judith,

Class on Saturday? Now that's no fun.

I'm not worried about your becoming an alcoholic, that's for sure. Remember, you just spent 4 months living at home between undergrad school and law school. You're the only person I've ever known who does drink some that had to ask how long it takes a bottle of wine to go bad since you were nursing the same bottle of wine for weeks.

Your breakfast sounds divine.

Love, Mom