27 January 2008

AVF #2: A Vegetarian Feast-in-a-Pot

I'm happy to announce the second round of A Vegetarian Feast! This round's theme is "Vegetarian Feast-in-a-Pot." To warm folks up this winter, we're blogging about our favourite meatless soups, stews, chilis, hotpots, and anything else I haven't thought of that goes in a pot, on the stove. If you aren't sure if a dish qualifies, just ask. It probably does.

Rules are simple: post on your blog, don't include any meat, fish, or poultry, and e-mail your post to me at judithavory@gmail.com OR reply to this post with a link. Deadline for this round is Friday, February 22nd, and I will be posting the round-up Sunday the 24th. Please tell your friends, or post about this event on your blog, so that we can get people excited about cooking meatless! And as always, just e-mail me or leave a comment if you have questions.

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