07 July 2008

AVF #4: Watermelon, Cucumber Salad, and Fruit Salad

For the picnic theme, I decided to go with cold things. Actually, this is mostly the fault of the weather, not the challenge, as the heat index has been above 100 and the humidity has made me wonder whether I haven't accidentally morphed myself home. I have a small box air conditioner in my bedroom, but the design of the apartment means that there is no airflow to the other rooms. It's been a challenge, but a welcome one, to think of lots of cold things to eat.

The first picture is sliced watermelons and cucumber salad, which is actually just cucumber with S&P and oil and vinegar. I found the recipe on Tastespotting, but I kind of mangled it by using seeded cucumbers and cutting them thicker. It was still tasty, and I got to try out my white wine vinegar with herbes de Provence. Next, we have a simple fruit salad with apricot, kiwi, strawberries, Granny Smith apple, and seedless red grapes. Tasty! Fresh apricot is a bit tart for salad, but I don't mind it. Maybe next time I'll break down and buy peaches.


sarah said...

glad that tastespotting was able to help you find a recipe!

Carver said...

That looks delicious. I wish I lived close enough to have a picnic with you. Love, Mom

Holler said...

I liked the dressing on your cucumber, which I hadn't thought to dress on it's own and of course the fruit salad looks delicious!