21 March 2009

Restaurant Review: Les Salades de Provence, West Hollywood

I think it's just about time I admit defeat. I'm never actually going to be able to post all the photos and recipes that I have "in the queue" in order. By trying to do that, I'm depriving you all of recent recipes that are actually, you know, in season. So by that token, I'm just going to try to post as much as I can until I finish my law classes in June, and then it'll be back to your regularly scheduled, at least once a week posting schedule.

That said, I wanted to let you know about a fabulous little restaurant I discovered on my recent trip to Los Angeles for an academic conference. For that matter, the food at the conference itself was fabulous, but this little French place in West Hollywood is worth writing home about. The ambiance is simple, and though the outdoor terrace adjoins a very loud, busy street, I couldn't help but sit outside. After all, it isn't often you get sunny and sixty-eight degrees in Iowa. The owner was the only staff person present when I showed up, admittedly at an odd hour (when you've just flown through a couple of time zones, 4 pm seems like a perfectly logical time for a meal). He was very kind and it was a joy to speak French again. I even got a little card for a free glass of wine with my next meal, which I gave to a local friend. The salad I ordered was quite large, as you can see, and very filling. I loved the little polenta triangles, and the fresh mozzarella. I also love the very French touches - a carafe d'eau, the little toast squares. They're open for three meals a day, and besides a number of salads they offer quiches, including a daily special. They also do crepes, croissants, and other French fair for breakfast and a prix fixe brunch. Located at the corner of La Cienga and Holloway.

Also, I have to express my glee at finding the conference hotel right next to a Trader Joe's. I'm absolutely in love with Trader Joe's, yet I never manage to live near one. As you can see, I stocked up, and all this was only $20. Unfortunately the airline restrictions meant no raspberry fruit spread or blueberry dessert spread, but I did eat an entire punnet of strawberries for breakfast. Fresh fruit! Almost makes me want to live in California. I also highly recommend their toffee, of any flavour. Delish.

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