05 April 2009

Mocha Coffee Cake for a Sunday Breakfast

Joy the Baker recently asked her readers to make breakfast on a particular weekend. That Sunday, I made her mocha coffee cake. One thing I love about Joy is that she blogs as if she is a friend of every one of her readers, so when she says "hey, why don't we all make breakfast?" I say "okay!" And it did make my weekend happier, if a little more hectic for the time it took to put the coffee cake together. It's not what I normally think of when I think of coffee cake - no crumble topping, for example. I like the three marbled flavours (espresso, chocolate, and vanilla). I was a little impatient with the glaze, though, and didn't wait for the espresso I was using to fully cool before whisking in the sugar, which make it a little thinner than it necessarily should have been. Nonetheless, I liked to effect that came from soaking the dense cake in a coffee-flavoured glaze. One warning is that this should probably be served right away. It's a fairly big cake for one person, and it dries out quickly. If you want to make it and are worried about this problem, you could always have a little extra glaze to add for later portions.

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Holler said...

This is some breakfast Judith! Yum!