26 September 2009

Taste & Create: Scrambled Eggs

I had some technical difficulties this month, so I hope my partner, Columbus Foodie, will forgive my T&C entry being a couple of days late! Once again, I had a bit of trouble finding a recipe I liked. With omnivorous blogs, I keep ending up having a week where I don't really want to make a sweet, and so it takes a lot of digging to find what I'm looking for, but after scrolling through CF's recipes, I found a Gordon Brown recipe for scrambled eggs that she enjoyed. I decided to try it, and this is the result. My thoughts? I have to admit, I like my own scrambled egg style better. It took an age for any setting to occur, and I ended up having to crank up the heat. The eggs took about half an hour to scramble. However, I did like the addition of sour cream to the eggs. I paired them with Morningstar Farms sausage links and a hashbrown for a nice big breakfast.

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Scrumptious said...

I totally know what you mean! I love the idea of T&C SO much and I participated for a while, but as a vegetarian who also can't eat wheat (which means no dice on most desserts people post) I would have a really tough time finding something to cook, and it seemed like my partners were equally baffled by my recipes.

I thought you might enjoy a gently snarky T&C entry from a while back: http://inmybox.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/box-gets-spicy-i-taste-and-create/