03 September 2007


So I promise that post about bread and mint dishes will be coming up soon, as long as a humorous "what's gone wrong in the kitchen this summer" roundup and an interesting recipe for vegetarian swedish meatballs (or ground meat, as the case may be). However, I have been tagged by Nirmala from Nirmala's Cooking Corner to participate in a little game, so here we go...

  • Players must list one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.
  • When players are tagged they need to write their own blog-post containing their own first or middle name game facts, word or tidbit.
  • At the end of their blog-post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.
  • Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
  • If I've tagged YOU, please join in on the fun!

My name is JUDITH.

Jasmine rice is one of my favourite recent culinary discoveries. I love how it can come out sweet and sticky, mixed with coconut milk, or be combined with herbs for a tasty bed for Indian dishes. I also quite approve of the resealable bag mine came in!

Ulysses is one of those books that I've been meaning to read for most of my life and never quite got around to it. I love James Joyce, but twenty pages and I was already exhausted!

Dance was my hobby for many, many years. I was never very good at it, at least when it comes to things like technique and flexibility, but I have grace and balance and I've always loved to choreograph. I didn't ever get to a high level, but one of my proudest accomplishments in college was Down the Rabbit Hole, the modern dance I choreographed for an informal showcase in the fall of 2004.

Intellectualism has always been something I've strived towards. I used to want to be one of those cool people who sat around coffee shops talking about philosophy and literature, and while I'm not sure they exist anymore, academia is still fun for me. I love reading, writing, and learning, and I'm proud to be a bit of a nerd.

Tarkio is one of my favourite bands to listen to as of late. The band is actually a second project of Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy, but the sound has a more melodic feel to it with the same amazing narrative lyricism that Meloy is so well known for. "Summer it came like a light across the highlands, and we laid it down. You wore a dress made of light from the islands, and we sent postcards home..."

History was my major in college. I don't know that I'm an expert, and the program wasn't great, but I still love and am fascinated by history. I continue to write papers, and am considering doing a series of alternative history textbooks for highschoolers. I started out with Western European history, and then became interested in Eastern Europe and most recently the Middle East and Central Asia. I'm also currently fascinated by Ancient Rome and its connections to France and Ireland.

You're it!


Carver said...

Hi Judith,

I'll play but I haven't yet. I'll let you know when I do. Love, Mom

Carver said...

Me again, I played so you can check out what I did when you get a chance. You probably know most of my tid bits already.

loukoum°°° said...

I will do my best to answer to your tag but i'm currently very busy with my study!

Susan in Italy said...

Hi Judith, Thanks for tagging for the name meme. I've just done it today. I love that you live in Iowa City. I did my master's in Spanish there long ago...

Judith said...

Loukoum - No worries! I completely understand that, being in law school ;-)