26 March 2008

Blogging By Mail!

Monday afternoon, I got a great surprise when I arrived at home. A huge package was waiting on my doorstep! I was a little confused: I expected a BBM package soon, but since the theme was "small" this round, the great big box confused me. It turned out that I was right - it was BBM, but Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness, our BBM host, really outdid herself! As she put it in her note, she made the rules, so she could break them - and I'm so grateful that she did! Stephanie was one of the first people to welcome me into the foodblogging community, and her Blog Party is one of my favourite monthly events. When I first came to foodblogging, I knew it was something I'd enjoy (I've always wanted to be a food writer) but I had no idea how to break into the community that I saw, with people always posting about meeting blogging friends or receiving foodie packages. Well, I'm still a bit on the fringe, but I feel closer and closer to being a real part of the community, and getting my first foodie package made my week.

First, there are some "girly" things. A Wonderwoman compact to go with the superhero stationary my note was written on, a tea candle (with a lovely wooden candleholder pictured in the next photo), a lipstick holder with a Burt's Bees lipstick, a Burt's Bees hand sanitiser, and a wonderful-smelling soap.

Next, a number of helpful items for Blog Parties. There are cute little forks, mini umbrellas, bamboo picks, elephant napkin rings, mini salt and pepper shakers, a "woof" glass (gift from the dog, hehe), cocktail themed napkins, and these great rainbow bowls. I especially love the bowls, as I'm a fan of rainbows and I only had four bowls until now. They're a perfect size for tasting, snacks, and of course - ice cream!

Now, onto the food! We have some "HOT" popcorn (I love this guy's face) and a Moroccan dinner kit that I can use for stir frying veggies, yum. Then some mixed nuts, which I tried yesterday and I love. They're tossed with a great seasoning mix that is a little spicy, but only just, and includes little bits of dried mango and papaya. And Annie's dijon mustard - how was Stephanie to know that my dijon recently expired and I had to toss it? This is now enjoying a happy home next to my Annie's honey mustard in the fridge.

Here we have several different brands of "fruit leather," which make great snacks. They're only 70 calories and have a serving of fruit each, which is good for me since I'm always pigging out during the day. There's a purple and white candy stick (her wedding colours) and a box of vegan gummie bears. Mm! I may have to save these for when my vegan friend and former roommate visits.

And last, but never least, CHOCOLATE! A couple of Vosges bars, which is one of my favourite brands, some mini Schaffen Berger squares, a brand called New Tree that I've never tried but can't wait to taste, a Chuao brand bar (another one I haven't tried but mmm, caramelized cacao nibs and nutmeg!), Godiva and violet mints (okay, not chocolate but I had to put them somewhere), and of course this adorable little to-go Nutella pack. For Nutella emergencies! I love it!

Thank you Stephanie, for my awesome package!


nicisme said...

You have some interesting items there, lucky you!

Stephanie said...


I'm so glad you liked it. You'll have to let me know what you think of the newer stuff.

LisaRene said...

Wow, you make out real good! I love Shale snacks and try as I might can't emulate them.

I saw the package of goodies you sent to Melody. I "met" her through a blog party and she cracks me up! I told her she needs her own sit-com :)

I think breaking into the food blogging community is no different then involving yourself in any other community... just jump right in! We are all here to share and want to talk with like minded people so just keep visiting blogs you like and leave comments. Most bloggers will read you comment, check out your blog and leave a comment of their own. Sometimes it's a "one time thing" but other times "blogging friendships" are born!

I do notice that some bloggers are all about leaving the maximum number of comments possible on other blogs, so the maximum number of people visit their blog. For me, it's more about connecting with like minded people and developing true "blogging friendships".

Enjoy all your goodies and have a great day!

Carver said...

Wow Judith that's a great package of goodies. Cool! Love, Mom

Morven said...

Isn't Stephanie the best! She's one of my early blogging influences/influencers.

Great package.

Judith said...

Morven - She is indeed!

Lisa - I know, I'd never be able to copy a flavour like that. Instead, I'll just have enjoy it, hehe. I just try to comment when I can, which isn't necessarily a lot, but I hope someone will occasionally drop by my blog and maybe come back!

Stephanie - So far, everything's been great. The bowls are now sitting on my coffee table holding a ridiculous variety of cheap after-Easter sale candy, hehe. I also love the blueberry fruit leather, incidentally, and I was surprised by how good the hot popcorn is! It's certainly spicy, but there's so much *taste* there (not just heat) that you can't stop munching on it. Just good to have a glass of OJ nearby ;-)