24 May 2008

Random Photography Dump

Not really a post, just wanted to show you some things I've eaten lately that do not involve recipes or originality. First, one of my favourite snacks and a tea party standby: cucumber sandwiches! I made these for post-Quire concert refreshments because they really are just the easiest thing in the world to take to a party. Cucumber, cream cheese, white bread, done! It is a bit of a pain to remember not to lick the cream cheese off your fingers because dairy is so bad for the vocal chords, though. I found that the ratio of bread to cucumbers to cream cheese is about one loaf to 1.5 largish cucumbers to eight ounces cream cheese, if anyone needs to know.

Next, vegetables! There's just something about a big pan of tasty looking vegetables that makes me really happy. For a vegetarian, I don't eat that many vegetables. I get off on the carb + dairy track far too often, I'm sorry to say. For that reason, my body is always craving vitamins, and it sets me into euphoria when it sees the vegetables cooking. Weirdly, when I finished this use for them and had leftover zucchini and onion last night, my body went into another craving altogether, this time for grease. I had a stomach ache, and even so I was sitting there thinking "God, I *really* want some heavily breaded and fried zucchini and onion." Thankfully, I resisted the urge, but I still may try a blooming onion this week.

What I did use those lovely vegetables for was the Moroccan dinner kit Stephanie sent me in my Blogging by Mail package. I'd been looking forward to trying it out, and I finally remembered to buy veggies. The instructions called for two chicken breasts "or vegetables," so I tried to guess what two chicken breasts worth of veggies would actually be. I decided half a bag of frozen broccoli, an onion, and two zucchini. That worked. This is definitely a spicy treat, but I love the taste (and the sundried tomatoes in the couscous have a nice sweetness to cut the burn). My tastebuds have been growing up a lot over the past years (or perhaps my masochism is just developing) and I can handle spicy foods a lot better than I used to. I don't like hot sauce, but something like Indian or Moroccan food that involves spice, not just heat, I can enjoy. Thanks again, Stephanie!

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