01 May 2008


I will post a real post tomorrow, but this can't wait.

The lovely miss Stephanie passed along a gift certificate to Adagio Teas and my package arrived today. I got the $19 tea starter kit, though I am a tea veteran, because it comes with the niftiest way to brew tea ever. But what I'm raving about is the cinnamon tea, which is perfect. Naturally strong and sweet, which is how I love it, and full of flavour. Mighty Leaf had been falling flat for me, and this renews my faith in tea.

Want to try it? Leave a comment or e-mail me at judithavory@gmail.com with your e-mail address. I'll pass on the love with a $5 certificate. Want to try my own Tropical Nut blend? Click here. You can create your own, too!


Kat said...

That's quite an endorsement. Please pass along the coupon.

LisaRene said...

I do love tea! Green is my favorite and I love all the flavored varieties. Cinnamon tea sounds delicious :)

Mighty Leaf is a popular brand but I have never cared for it. My favorite tea is The Republic of Tea, it comes in a little canister and is found in most grocery stores.

I have yet to try Adagio but loved looking around their website. Your created your own tea, how great is that! I'd say you are on your way to becoming a tea expert.

Keep in mind that you can bake/cook with tea. I use a strong brew of tea in place of soy milk in some of my muffin recipes and also use strong chai when I make granola. I've also used strong tea when making a "chocolate pudding cake", which is a fun, simple and quick "dump" cake. There is a recipe on my blog. Might be fun to make it using the cinnamon tea?

Annelies said...

Hi Judith, I'm writing from Mighty Leaf Tea and would love to hear your feedback on how Mighty Leaf has fallen flat for you and how you think we can improve.

On a separate note, I personally write restaurant reviews of vegetarian restaurant discoveries I make en route to the food shows Mighty Leaf attends. We just had an amazing wild mushroom and pistachio terrine with cranberry chutney and cornichons at Spoon River in Minneapolis. Amazing.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and connecting with you!

Judith said...


Thank you for stopping by! The reason I've been less than thrilled with Mighty Leaf is mainly flavour. Though I do still swear by your Earl Grey and the Ginger Twist, I find that your flavoured black teas aren't strongly flavoured enough for my tastes. The Vanilla Bean, for example, just doesn't do it for me, and I love vanilla tea. Some natural sweetness would be nice. I will probably still continue to purchase Mighty Leaf from time to time, particularly those two teas, but I've found that Adagio is less expensive and for the most part I prefer the flavour. Next time I have a little more money on my hands, I may try a few more of your flavours, since the six I've tasted may not be a representative sample. In any event, if I had one recommendation it would be to increase the flavour intensity in the black teas so that it tastes like what it's labelled. The Ginger Twist, for example, is very gingery and delicious. I don't know if it's simply more difficult to carry over to the blacks or what, but that's my two cents.

And if I'm ever in Minneapolis in the near future, I'll check out Spoon River. That sounds delicious!

Judith said...

Lisa - You know, we carried The Republic of Tea at Panera when I worked there and I wasn't super impressed. There was one I liked - I want to say ginger peach? I'm very partial to strong, very flavourful teas. But then, I've never tried Republic of Tea looseleaf.

Yep, I have used tea before in baking, and I'll take a look at that cake recipe! I like using tea to make jam. Yum, yum.

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