10 November 2008

Fête du Fromage: Port Salut and a Tart

My November entry to Chez Loulou's Fête du Fromage event is a fabulous Port Salut cheese - soft, mild yet distinct, and a great melter. This is my first experience with Port Salut and it couldn't be more fabulous. I tried a bit plain but I wanted to do a recipe as well, so I tried this tart from BBC Food, specifically James Tanner. The crust is a bit simple and a bit less than fabulous, but the topping is very tasty. The Port Salut matches quite well with the sweet onions and the red pepper, and the basil is a nice touch. I recommend going heavy on the olive oil because the crust is quite dry. The edges of the tart were almost inedible, but the center was great. Next time I would spread the filling nearly to the edges. Also it looks small, but I got four servings out of it.


Loulou said...

The tart looks great and I appreciate the notes about the crust. I haven't had Port Salut in a couple of years...must pick some up to make this recipe!
Thanks for joining in La Fête du Fromage.

spacedlaw said...

When I grew up (in France) Port salut was a cheese I associated mostly with kids food and therefore would not touch. But it has its virtues, just like any other cheeses. The tart looks interesting.
(In via Loulou)

Anonymous said...

I never thought of using Port Salut in a tart/quiche, but now I just might. Love that it melts so well!

Judith said...

Loulou - Thanks for stopping by and for hosting! I love trying new cheeses for the event.

spacedlaw - That's so funny. Here we think of it as something very fancy and foreign; I would love to live in France where it didn't cost so much!

Camille - It really is a great cheese for doing so, just not too close to the edges if you're doing something without sides like this.