29 December 2008

Quick Thoughts

1) I know, I know. So much for catching up over the break. I got called in to pet-sit and I just cannot concentrate with the animals running around.

2) Nature hates me today. I planned quad shot espresso brownie cupcakes à la Gretchen on the 25th to use up some heavy cream, but realised I needed eggs. Planned to come back to apartment to make them today, the day before cream expires. Go to CVS, they're out of eggs, so I can't make the bus. Get eggs elsewhere, get home, cream has gone bad. F** it.

3) Is anyone else bugged by people calling things "adult" food. "Adult" mac n cheese, "adult" candy. Do adults not eat mac n cheese and candy? Am I delusional?

4) Food Network is far too addicting. This is why I don't have a TV. This is also why I'm getting no work done. And I was tickled pink to find that not only is there now an American version of Iron Chef but Pim was a guest judge. It's so weird to see a person you read all the time, who feels almost like a friend despite your total lack of commenting ability, on television. Bloggers represent!


M.Thew said...

Taking your life into your hands by buying eggs at the drug store, aren't you? Over on this coast, NY state is suing CVS for for all the expired crap they stock their shelves with.

Gretchen Noelle said...

So sorry that you were never able to make the cupcakes, those were delicious ones! I really hate when I try to use things up and they go bad before I get to them. Hope you are having a Happy New Year!