24 February 2009

Taste & Create: Hollandaise Sauce

Can I be honest? Once again, I had a bit of trepidation about Taste & Create. Last time, it was less about the recipes and more about the flood and difficulty getting to ingredients. This time, I didn't have that sort of excuse, but I did notice that my partner Katie, of One Little Corner of the World, cooks quite a bit of meat. Normally, the obvious solution is to choose a dessert or baked good to make instead of an entree, but I've been trying to eat relatively healthy and my dessert budget was already full for the month. So what did I do? Give up? Of course not!

Luckily, I was able to find three or four savory vegetarian recipes, and one of those was fairly quick and easy and something I could serve with a vegetable: hollandaise sauce. Katie made this recipe from Good Housekeeping last Easter, and I thought it looked pretty tasty. Hollandaise with asparagus was a big Easter thing in our family, too. My mom used to make it from scratch, though lately she's been going the packet route (please don't be mad that I admitted this to the world, Mom! I love your hollandaise sauce!) I've never tried it myself, but we always did the stovetop method. When Katie said that she's only done it in the blender with raw eggs, I was surprised. I'm not afraid of raw eggs, but I've never heard of the method.

Anyway, the sauce was smooth, creamy, and lemony, just the way it should be, and perfect with entirely unadulterated asparagus, which I just did a few minutes in a pan of boiling water. This asparagus was so good, nice and sweet, that I can almost pretend it isn't from Mexico or somewhere. I know nothing locally grown would be ready in time for Valentine's Day, though. This last picture is kind of a funny story. See, when I first looked at Katie's post, I saw the roasted potatoes with aioli and thought that was the hollandaise. Hollandaise and fries? Wow. So when I ran out of asparagus, I used the rest of the leftover sauce on curly fries. Highest calorie lunch ever, but an interesting change from honey mustard.

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Katie's blog said...

I like that you think out of the box!!! French fries and hollandaise are great. I know what you mean about all the meat. I have a total meat eater for a hubby. I can hardly ever cook anything without meat for him. Looks great!