05 February 2009

Le Chocolat

I know, I suck at posting lately. I have been quite crazy busy. Anyway, I keep meaning to let you all know about my experience with Amano chocolate bars, two of which I won courtesy of Amano and Blake. I posted a photo of these on my photo blog in January, but I finally got around to tasting both of the bars recently. My thoughts? Well, I thought the Madagascar bar was fairly plain. It's obviously high quality dark chocolate, and it's good if you just want a simple dark tasting bar, but it was more like something I might use to bake if I were going all out as opposed to a favourite tasting chocolate. I preferred the Jembrana, which comes from Bali and has a more unique taste - bitter, but not unpleasantly so. It's a complex flavour, and though I don't have the vocabulary to describe chocolate properly, I'll just tell you that it was good. I would serve this as an after-dinner treat.


Holler said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that I would love both of these! I do like dark chocolate :)

cyrus said...

Amano is amazing! You can buy from them and some other amazing chocolate makers at foodoro.com. They even have vegetarian/vegan tamales!

Emily said...

I'm with Holler! Haha, I think I would enjoy both.