06 June 2009

Happy Anniversary, Coconut & Lime!

So I know I've been away for almost two months, but I hope you won't take my blog off your read-list. I'm only a few weeks away from being DONE with law school, and back to regular posting. I did want to show you some of the massive supply of desserts I baked for a going-away party, and the first recipe is brought to us by Rachel, blogger over at Coconut & Lime, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary! I thought this was particularly appropriate for my going-away party, since where I'm going is back to Baltimore, where Rachel lives. This recipe is for Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies, and it was very much up to the C&L standard. You may remember me mentioning this blog before on the site - Rachel's recipes are all original, and I'm constantly impressed. They're not all super fancy, but they're always delicious. This one is a great comfort dessert. The cookies are soft and crumbly, but still with a little bit of crisp. Though crumbly, they don't fall apart too badly, and I love the peanut butter flavor. They were one of the most popular desserts on the table.

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Emily said...

Wow, five years! Rachel has been at it a long time.

These cookies look amazing!