23 February 2010

Eggnog Pancakes

So back in January, I had some buttermilk lying around to be used, and I'd been in the mood for pancakes. Joy the Baker's recipe for Eggnog Pancakes showed up on my feed reader, and I decided impulsively to try it. My impressions? I think her chai spice latte pancakes were better, but mileage may vary, because I don't have a spice grater and thus I was using pre ground nutmeg, which everyone knows is not nearly as good. The flavor of the alcohol did come out a lot, and I liked it. Good with maple syrup!


Smalltown RN said...

Wow, I never would have thought of making eggnog pancakes...I think that is something I should try....

Happy Weekend to you!

CRIZ LAI said...

Slurps.. they do look good though. We have something like these pancakes... with added banana, raisins and toasted sesame seeds. Yummy!!

p/s saw your link at Carver's blog. :)

Criz Lai

Judith said...

Smalltown RN - Happy weekend to you, too!

Criz - Welcome! Carver's my mom, haha, don't know if you knew that. Thanks for stopping by. Your Malay foodblog looks great; I love that you have a vegetarian tab, as well!