28 February 2011

Back with a Vengeance

Chirp, chirp. Anyone still here?

I've been rather absent on this blog in recent months, but I'm hoping to turn that around with a brand new site redesign and a new focus in my life on healthful, mental health-friendly foods! I've been struggling with anxiety and depression all winter long, and I've come to admit that, as much as I disagree with the diet movement and the absolutely poisonous and disgusting attacks on obese Americans, I do have some "trigger foods" that are negatively impacting my life and making it harder to cope.

So I'm back to cooking more, and trying to focus on large healthful meals with things like whole grains, beans, tempeh, and vegetables. These foods, incidentally, also help a lot with IBS. That doesn't mean I'll stop posting desserts here! But I've noticed that my blog is balanced a little heavily towards the sweets side, which doesn't make a lot of sense for a vegetarian blog (since all sweets are vegetarian). I'll try to feature more great vegetarian main courses and side dishes that I find in my cookbooks, my favorite food blogs, and my experiments. So, if you've stuck through the lull, thank you! I owe you one. Stay a little longer and I hope to reward you with some tasty eats.