25 February 2008

AVF #2: A Vegetarian Feast-in-a-Pot Roundup

Well, again it was a small event, with only two soups this time, but that's all right. I'll keep coming up with a theme every few months in hopes that more of you will get interested!

I'd like to thank Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen for submitting her tasty-looking Curried White Bean and Red Lentil Stew to this round! A great hearty winter meal, and I love basmati rice and saffron. I'll have to try this one out soon!

If you didn't catch it the first time around, I made a Winter Friendship Soup, recipe courtesy of my good friend Cass, for both this event and Lisa and Holler's "No Croutons Required." Not only is it very yum, but it kept me eating for a week and is very filling (and healthy, too!)

Stay warm the rest of this winter, and stay tuned for the next Vegetarian Feast in April!

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Holler said...

I am sorry I missed the event! When does the next one start?