03 February 2008

Your Neighborhood Falafel Joint

I don't normally post restaurant reviews when I'm home, because let's face it, very few of my readers will ever be eating a meal in Iowa City. But the other day I went to Oasis for the third time, and I just have to comment, because it's such an awesome idea, and I think more cities should have one. You get a pita, as pictured, either half or whole, and though there are about four meat options their falafel is great so I don't even care that I only have one choice. There are also a bunch of side options that are vegetarian, though, and a vegan plate that's a little more expensive. Anyway, with your falafel comes hummus, onions, baba ganoush, and feta cheese. They also have this nifty little condiments bar where you can get sauces, so as you can see I got little containers of mango curry and tahini, and I also got an order of "sweet chips," which are made from pita and fried with cinnamon and sugar and amazing. The perfect dinner on a cold night!

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Holler said...

Mmmm, that would definitely be a favourite eatery for me then, some of my favourite flavours, add a few mushrooms and I would be in heaven!