01 February 2008

Scrambled... Not-Eggs

My good friend Kat has been telling me for the longest time that I have to try this recipe for tofu scramble, and as tofu was on sale at the grocery store last weekend, I decided I had to bite the bullet and attempt it. I will admit that the spice blend is pretty fantastic. It has an Indian curry sort of flavour, but it isn't at all spicy. Next time I might try fresh thyme instead of dried, because the little bits get stuck in my teeth and I don't have a mortar and pestle to properly crush it, but I still consider the blend a success. As you can see, I just dumped everything onto a paper plate and swirled with my fingers, which worked nicely.

Like any pan-fried recipe, you want to be sure to have everything ready well in advance of the part involving heat. With that in mind, I went ahead and drained my tofu, squeezing a good bit of the water out, peeled my garlic cloves, got my spice blend all ready to go, washed my mushrooms and piled them on another plate, and peeled my onion (always last because I tend to cry). After I chopped up the onion (I used a medium sweet yellow onion from Peru because they were on sale as well) and threw it in the pan with my oil, I realised I really needed to use my largest pan. So there was a quick transfer and just a bit more oil before the mushrooms went in. I wish I could better capture the beautiful colour of the mushrooms - unfortunately, the one bad thing about this kitchen is that the stove is really badly lit for photographs.

One note about the recipe is that I cooked everything over medium heat because the onions started frying much too quickly at first. Also, my tofu was already pretty moist, so I only added a small splash of water towards the end. I didn't have trouble with anything sticking because I used a non-stick pan, but I did poke the tofu every now and again to make sure it was holding up in moisture. Towards the end, it started to brown, which is lovely. I've always found that tofu is much better when it has that grilled taste. You really don't need to break it up too much at first, because it will crumble more in the pan when you move it around. Also, I couldn't find nutritional yeast, so I used Parmesan cheese and killed the vegan aspect. That said, you could easily use neither and it would be just fine.


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