18 October 2008

Cornbread: Another Recipe Semi-Flop

This is another recipe that I can't find in my bookmarks now that I'm posting it, but it wouldn't really be worth sharing, anyway. It wasn't horrible, but as you can see it was a very, very floury cornbread. I was looking for something that used fresh corn, and I found a very simple recipe for cornbread. I was sceptical from the get-go, to be honest - very little liquid, lots of flour, not much holding it together. When I put it in the pan there was a lot of loose flour and no real way to incorporate. The end result was a moist bread, surprisingly, but dusted with large amounts of flour. I was able to shake some of it off, and the fresh corn was delicious and sweet. It was also much better warmed in the microwave and served with generous amounts of butter. But next time, I'm going to look for a less suspicious recipe.

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