17 October 2008

Not On, Cookies, Not On

So I tried Gretchen's fabulous chocolate chip cookies again for a bake sale a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason they didn't turn out anything like they did the first time. Instead of being gorgeous and flat and crispy/gooey, they were puffy, cakey, and had a weird almost sponge-like consistency. They also didn't taste all that great. The changes? Well I had enough flour this time; last time I had to skimp and use 1/4 cup less than the recipe. I used raspberry chocolate chips (though I can't imagine that making any difference) and I ran out of brown sugar so part of the brown sugar amount was natural cane sugar instead (the coarse, light brown kind). I hope I can make them turn out the right way again!


Carver said...

They surely look good enough to eat!

Laura Bergus said...

I think less flour is better. I make choc-chip cookies w/ half whole-wheat flour and you can't even tell if you decrease the flour by a little (maybe a 1/4 cup), and use really high-quality butter (and vanilla and eggs...ok, and every other ingredient). Oh - and extra chocolate chips, too. Heh.

Jude said...

Better than any chocolate chop cookie that ever came out of my oven.
Could it be the flour?