01 October 2008

Say Cheese! Port Salut

When I saw that Cook (Almost) Anything Once was doing another Say Cheese event, and that we were instructed to try something new, I decided to open up this block of Port Salut and have a taste. Port Salut is a mild, soft French cheese with a lovely bright orange rind. It's apparently a good melting cheese, and I'm going to use most of it in a tart early next week, but this time I just tasted a few pieces on crackers. I found it mild but distinctive, with a flavor I could recognize if I tried it again. It's very soft and quite tempting to eat more! Thanks to Haalo for hosting this event.

1 comment:

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

What a great event idea! I've never sampled Port Salut myself but you've piqued my curiosity & I can't wait to see the tart you make with it.