31 July 2008

Behind the Apron: Get to Know Your Blogger

28 Cooks is hosting an event for the second time called "Behind the Apron." I missed it last year, so here's my chance to let the foodie world know who "Shortcut to Mushrooms" actually is. Well, that's me *points at photo*. My name's Judith Faucette, and I'm a vegetarian. Five other nouns I'd choose to describe myself are lesbian, law student, Southerner, writer, and polyglot(te). In a year, when I graduate, we'll permanently switch "law student" out with "human rights activist" as I embark on what I imagine will be a lifelong career. What else is there to know about me? Well, I love to travel, but sadly am not nearly as financially blessed as most foodbloggers, so I have to depend on finding work abroad to see cool places. I've studied about eight or nine languages, seven of which I'm trying to hang on to. I write on another blog called A Lesbian & A Scholar and I also write articles for Suite101. I've been working two jobs for a while, though being in law school full time it's a pain. I'm hoping that the freelance writing will sustain me next semester with just one job, researching and writing for the International Center of Finance & Development. I will graduate next August, and probably move to Baltimore, New York, or Portland (or maybe even Vancouver!) for a few years to build my resume before trying to find a job with a major NGO in Europe. When I'm being silly, sometimes I even sing or dance on Youtube. So that's me! I can't wait to hear about all of you.


Nic said...

Nice to learn a little more about you Judith! Good luck with all your studies and I hope you get the job of your dreams.

Nicole said...

Oh my good god. That picture of you is effin ADORABLE.