26 October 2008

SHF: Spice Cake

It's been a long time since I did an SHF, and I keep wanting to but timing fails me. This month, though, the fates aligned, because I had been wanting to bake a spice cake and lo and behold, the theme is spices! The host, Dessert First, is a blog I've recently discovered and love. I found it through Tastespotting (or maybe it was Food Gawker), which has been a great way to find new blogs lately. Speaking of which, if anyone knows a good-quality free online image resize site, or a good-quality free image resize program for Mac, please share the love. I want to get on those sites but my pictures always get rejected, probably because they're resizing funny.

Anyway, back to the spice cake. I remember having one of these once as a kid, probably ten or eleven, at my friend's mom's house. I helped her frost the cake and kept thinking "no way something made of SPICES is going to be any good." I assumed that a cake had to have fruit, or chocolate, or something along those lines to be tasty, but I was wrong. I love spice cake, and I'd been craving one. The recipe comes from here, and it's delicious. Perfectly moist and flavourful - the only problem is that you need to either not flour the pan (just grease) or maybe let it cool longer than instructed. About half the cake came out of the pan and the other half didn't, so I had a cake covered in cake bits. Still good, but I'm glad I wasn't bringing it to anything. Also, the cake is huge, so find some friends.


Anonymous said...

That looks really yummy - I love spice cake! I might have to try that recipe out sometime.

Anonymous said...

hey judith!
so glad you liked the package! refrigerate the cheese but let it get roomtemperature when you're gonna eat it... that's mostly to get the flavours out. It's not really a soft aoft cheese, more inbetween soft and hard right? ;)
it goes great on sandwiches!!!
can't wait to see your post about the package!
I was a bit worried about it getting to you because I couldn't get my post office to send it with a tracker because he said it weighed 500g too much? (incidently that's the weight of the cheese)

SarahMarian said...

mmm... perfect for the season.

Anonymous said...

This looks simple and delicious. Good recipe.

Anonymous said...

What a great theme this SHF was! It was my first, and a fun first way to begin. Your spice cake looks delicious too :)