18 June 2008

Everything Tastes Better with Ben & Jerry's

So I've been on a bit of an unintentional foodblogging vacation this past week or so. My close friend and blog reader Nicole came to visit from Olympia, I got a new computer, and a giant apocalyptic flood hit Iowa City all at the same time. I have been cooking a lot, though, so I'll be posting a lot over the weekend (until then, I'll be working eight or nine hours a day and going to sleep in the evenings). Anyway, I did want to get the second half of my Blog Party contribution in by the deadline, so this is my chocolatey cocktail concoction. Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness wanted chocolate, and I decided that would be something relatively easy to incorporate into a drink submission. This Cherry Garcia Cocktail is an original recipe, and for an experiment, I have to say it's pretty damned good!

You'll need a blender or a food processor to make this, or alternatively, you could melt the ice cream and then shake it in a martini shaker. The amounts are more or less half a cup of white chocolate Irish Cream, two or three good spoonfuls of completely frozen Cherry Garcia, and half a shot of frozen Smirnoff Black Cherry vodka. Pulse with the blender until the ice cream is completely liquid. If you're using a small food processor like me, beware! Rita, my eternal Blog Party taster, was thankfully here not only to taste but to hold a paper towel to the part of the lid that was trying very hard to leak. Pour into martini glasses and enjoy! (And if you're me, don't be afraid to stick your finger - or a spoon - in at the end to get those tasty cherry and chocolate bits).


Holler said...

could you pass me a glass of that?

Carver said...

That looks delicious. I hope that your new computer is helping your eyes. Love, Mom

Judith said...

Holler - *passes through the computer screen*

Mom - Haha, yes it is helping my eyes. Unfortunately it's also screwing up my shoulder, but I've sent Daddy on a mission to find me a wireless mouse ;-)