22 June 2008

From the Pantry: Spring Pasta

Just a drive-by entry because there isn't much to say about this dish. I needed to use up a quickly-dying bag of fresh baby spinach, so I cooked some mostaccioli pasta and quickly cooked the spinach in a pan, intending just to wilt it. Unfortunately, getting rid of the water was a bit of a difficulty, and I should have pre-toasted the almonds rather than just dumping them in. I added some white wine and cranked up the heat, then drained the mixture (having given up just a bit) and tossed it with the pasta, some lemon juice, parmesan, and tasty fresh goat cheese. Not a bad summer supper.


Cara said...

Well, it is quick and easy! That spinach does become wilted very quickly. I went strawberry picking this weekend so now have 6 pints that I need to do something with. Any suggestions?

nicisme said...

What a perfect recipe for pasta! Loads of great flavours in there.

Judith said...

Cara - Oh gosh, there are so many things you could do! I just recently saw a recipe for strawberry soup that I've been wanting to try. It looks great for summer! I also love pavlova with fresh fruit. I can't find my recipe at the moment but it's dead easy. You might just do a google search - it's essentially egg whites and sugar, but you can top it with any fruit you find. Or you could do a really simple parfait with strawberries, angel food cake, and whipped cream.

Nicisme - I do love that goat cheese, I have to admit!

Lindsey said...


a FANTASTIC flood blog! I'm all about creating interesting, desperately-delicious food from the pantry : )

I lived in Baltimore over the summer (working at Azafran Cafe), it was featured in the B-More Sun just last week. I am also a vegetarian : ) My hubby wants to know if you're a LOTR fan?

Can't wait to read more!