05 June 2008

Fudge for What Ails You

This recipe, thanks to Have Cake, Will Travel, met all sorts of needs. I needed a dish to bring to a potluck. A fellow blogger asked for a vegan fudge recipe. I need something to do with all the bloody whisky in my pantry. And this month's Blog Party theme is chocolate. I thought the idea of whisky-peanut fudge was awesome, and it's as easy as one, two, three. The taste is definitely strong, and I cut very small squares for that reason. I really like it, though (I am admittedly a whisky drinker). It is also vegan, though you need to make sure you check the chocolate chips. Mine did have milkfat in them, but not all chocolate chips do!

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly as directed. I melted and cooled the chocolate in the microwave first, to avoid dirtying a saucepan. Do it thirty seconds at a time if you don't want to risk burning your chocolate! In my microwave it took three thirty-second zaps with a stir in between each. Just keep going until it's completely smooth. Also, it's okay if it's still a little warm when you use it. You should whisk the powdered sugar until no lumps are remaining. You get a kind of beige colour. As you can see, I chopped my peanuts very roughly because I'm impatient.

The actual dumping into the pan part was probably the most challenging, as the mixture doesn't really spread on its own. You want to spread it outwards, but not let the sides creep up the sides of the pan. It takes a little trial and error. Also, before slicing remove from the fridge and let sit out ten or fifteen minutes or until a knife goes easily through the chocolate. Again, slice SMALL. I'd like to try a variation soon with raspberry chocolate chips and melted raspberry jam instead of whisky. I'm afraid it might be a little too sweet, though.

Incidentally, I went to Kalona again this week for Amish grocery shopping and The Cheese Shop. I was a little more discerning in my cheese purchases, but I still bought plenty. This photo of yesterday's lunch is mainly so that my mother doesn't get worried after I admitted her that two of my meals on Tuesday were a cupcake. I'm really bad at remembering to go to the store. The cheese in the salad is a Danish blue that I really like. It's creamy and super strong, which is how blue cheese should be!


Lisa said...

A fine fudge this is. I just recently made a fudge of sorts with dried fruits and nuts that is also vegan friendly.

Queers United said...

Judith thank you so much. This looks delightful! I am gonna try this. Haha darn you posted this when I started trying to lose weight! I don't care though I must make this.

Peabody said...

I try to be good and only make fudge at Christmas, but must admit seeing it there, I need to make some.

Holler said...

That fudge sounds delicious. I think it would go down well at work and I do like to make them a treat now and again. It saves us from eating too much also! I wonder how this would work with tequila or cointreau (I have these in the cupboard).

Judith said...

Lisa - Ooh, that sounds tasty!

QU - Ha, isn't that always the case? I've given up on trying to cut things out of my diet. I just eat small portions and try not to snack and that's the best I can do.

Peabody - Fudge only at Christmas? Psh. Though to be fair, this is the first time I've made it myself.

Holler - I wish I had coworkers to give my sweets to, but I work at home! I think the Cointreau would be tasty, but I'd use something else as a filling rather than the peanuts. Maybe another kind of nut, or orange marmalade.

Debinhawaii said...

Just saw the Blog Party Round Up. I LOVE fudge and this looks amazing! Wonderful photos too!