03 September 2008

Amazonian Purchases

And by "Amazonian," I mean Amazon.com. It started with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind being marked down, and then I saw a Gold Box special on this lovely box of 120 Ceylon teas by Bentley's (not only is the tea itself a treat, but the box is what I'm really going for, as all my ridiculous quantities of teas have spread like an infestation throughout my cabinet. Then I need something, anything, to get Super Saver Shipping, so I decided to break down and by Clotilde's new book. I'll admit that my love affair with Clotilde only lasted a few months. I thought she was amazing, hers was the first foodblog I saw, etc etc, and I still find her very charming and informative, but I think the blog's gone a bit downhill. I don't enjoy it nearly as much as Smitten Kitchen or Tartelette or La Tartine Gourmande or Cook (Almost) Anything Once or the other dozen or so blogs that now occupy the "top" of my list. I have Chocolate & Zucchini but haven't actually made anything from it. Then again, that doesn't say much for me as I usually only make something from a recipe once every two weeks given my busy life, lack of access to a car, and unpredictable grocery habits. This book I think will come in handy next time in Paris, but it doesn't have my favourite restaurant in it. Actually, that's probably a good thing, because the masses will not descend upon "my spot" anytime soon. I do think that my strategy for foodblog management, given the "problem" mentioned in my last post, will be to try to cut down on the recipes I bookmark, so that less time is spent copying recipes I'll never make (who really needs 17 ways to make chocolate mousse?) and spend more of my "foodie time" actually reading and commenting on the dozen or so posts I do read. I'd also like to spend more time meal planning and, you know, cooking, as well as participating in more foodie events and my own foodie features on which I've been slacking. Finally, I'd like to dedicate a teeny bit more time to Yummr, Foodbuzz, and the Foodie Blogroll forum. This probably means that some of the foodblogs on my google reader will get the axe. I hate doing that, but hey, if I never comment they never know I'm there, and if I'm just scrolling by their posts, there's no reason to keep the blog hanging around because one time three months ago they posted a recipe I liked.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Oh YAY! I am sure you are going to love the new Foodie Blogroll and the forum! :)

(don't forget to grab the new widget too! - there is a link on your current widget!)

Love your blog title too! :)

Judith said...

Widget fixed! Thanks for the reminder. Everything is much prettier, haha.