01 September 2008

A Quandary

I have a problem.

I absolutely cannot, for the life of me, remember to put food in the fridge after it's cooled down. You're not supposed to put very hot food in the fridge for obvious reasons, so I cover it, leave it out on the table, and then promptly forget about it and go to bed. I have a horrible memory in general, and it doesn't help that the layout of my kitchen means that I don't have to walk through it to get anywhere. Normally dinnertime is the last time I'm in there at night. So what do you folks do to remember? Tie a string around your finger? Set a timer? A Google Alert? I have to admit that I stuck the instant mashed potatoes that have been out about twelve hours back in the fridge. They smell and taste all right, and I'm going to heat them up before I eat them. Yes, I know that's a fantastically stupid idea, but I'm sick of throwing away food. If I suddenly stop posting in the next few days, well, you know what happened to me.


Anonymous said...

Instead of placing the food in your kitchen to cool, perhaps you should put it somewhere where you cannot avoid it. Next to your computer, next to your bed, get a little endtable and stick it in the middle of your hallway.. ;) There's no particular reason it must cool in the kitchen before going into the fridge.

Judith said...

L - And this is why, if you and I were a comedy team, you would be known as "the smart one."

Natashya said...

I'd use a timer, it can go anywhere with you, to the deck, to bed, bubbly tub, wherever.
Vegetable based dishes can stand a few extra hours un-noticed.
It is mostly eggs, dairy and meats that are extra sensitive to temperature.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! :) I can't wait to look around some more.

Hope you get some great ideas to help you remember to put the food away. I...well, my boyfriend and I have the same problem.

Gabi said...

I've done that myself a few times- makes me crazy ;)
I've learned to stick my toothbrush next to the cooling food so I have to come find it before I could go to bed.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have dreams tonight of the Judith & Lis Comedy Hour.