28 September 2008

How to Get Judith to Drink Milk

So I have quite a few recipes backlogged for you, but I thought I would go ahead and share my beverage from Friday night. Proving that I am a complete nerd, I had absolutely zero interest in getting smashed Saturday morning for the football game like the rest of Iowa City (I didn't even realise until Saturday night that it had been homecoming and that's why there were so many people in my way when I went to the law school in the afternoon) but I did want a cocktail for debate-watching on Friday. Good old Rachel Maddow proposed a drinking game on her Air America radio show, so I decided to be a good little lesbian and play along. Trouble is, I needed a drink, and something weak enough that I wouldn't get drunk by taking a sip every time John McCain said "prison, chair, or table" and everytime Obama mentioned Main Street or Wall Street. So this is what I came up with. A white chocolate cherry... glass of alcoholic milk.

Judith's Calcium-Fortified Debate Cocktail

About half a shot of Smirnoff black cherry vodka (I didn't measure)
About twice that of white chocolate Irish cream

Pour the liquors in, fill the rest of the glass with milk, and stir. Everything should be well-chilled and I hear if you mix creamy things with cheap vodka, it might curdle, so use the good stuff.

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