18 September 2008

Blog Party Birthday Bash Part Two: A Cheese and Wine Tasting

As I said before, the Blog Party theme for September is our host's birthday, and I cheated just a little by making a cake. In order to pretend to follow the rules, I also provided a drink and appetizer. This is one of my favourites - wine and cheese. There's nothing more decadent than a little pre-dinner wine and cheese tasting. I'll admit that the wine wasn't so much of a tasting as a glass of cheap cabernet (Lindeman's), but another dish I was making called for dry wine and so I had to open that instead of the fancier but less dry Merlot. It was still pretty good. The cheeses are sort of a spectrum of crumbly. We start with the firmest, a Wensleydale studded with cranberries, tasty with a definite bite to contrast with the fruit. The Stilton with blueberries is milder and sweeter, and the texture is smoother, though it still crumbles. Finally, my classic crumbly cheese, a Chevrion goat cheese. Perfectly mild and creamy, I get this every time I go to the cheese shop. So happy birthday, Stephanie! I raise my glass to you.


Loulou said...

Look at all the cheese you're tasting. How wonderful! :)

Your grilled cheese post has been added to La FĂȘte du Fromage, as it should have been in the first place.
See you next month!

Holler said...

I have had this exact wine tasting evening before. Same cheese (more of it probably & oatcakes, same wine. Mmmmmmmm

Judith said...

Thanks, loulou! No worries, I know it's hard to keep track of entries :-) Thanks for hosting.

Holler - Mm, oatcakes! I should make some of those.