02 September 2008

I have a problem

If you're feeling a sense of dejà vu at the moment, no no, another problem. I think I'm addicted to foodblogs. I spend hours copying recipes into my database, and at least an hour a day bookmarking recipes to copy later. I look at so many posts a day that I almost never actually get to comment on them. If I weren't doing this, I could be reading books, or even having a social life! It's a teeny bit depressing sometimes. Anyway... I ended up bringing bulgur salad to the potluck for fear that börek would not turn out as anticipated. I'm getting somewhat frustrated that I have no idea whether my bulgur is fine, medium, or what, so here's a picture. Do people who purchase packaged and labelled bulgur have any idea?


Kat said...

I must plead ignorance, but based on this photo: http://www.cookinglight.com/cooking/flavorprofiles/bulgur.html

I'm guessing in your posession is coarse.

I hear you on the reading food blogs can take over your life. It's so easy and... passive.

Judith said...

Oh, thanks! That was my guess, too.