04 September 2008


Apparently in Iowa, it's pretty much a sin not to eat corn throughout the summer, especially on the cob. A couple of weeks ago, my friends Rita and Liz and I went to Red Avocado's "birthday" party, and they featured grilled corn. I didn't necessarily think it tasted different, to be honest, but it was pretty good. I've never been to Red Avocado, even though it's all-veg, because of the cost. However, their brunch is a bit more reasonable so Rita and I are going there Sunday. I'll report back soon. As for my own corn preparation techniques, I admit that I don't buy corn frequently because I don't really want to find a worm in the husk. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found these tiny sweet corn ears at the Farmer's Market one Saturday, already relieved of their husks! Nowhere for worms to hide, so I bought several immediately. I decided just to boil them and serve them with a bit of margarine, and they were superb. Then I went back the next week, and no more huskless corn! I had ideas for chowder, souffle, cornbread, corn pudding... but alas. Thwarted. I hope this week will be better. I miss silver queen corn, which apparently only grows in the South, but I have to say fresh Iowa corn is still pretty darn good and I'd like to be able to bake with it before the autumn's over.


Carver said...

That looks delicious. I grew that mixed color corn alongside Silver queen one year. Not sure if you remember that but I liked it as much as the silver queen. Love, Mom

Krysti said...

Judith - Thank you so much for your input! These are all things I have thought about and I think what I will do tonight is post a blog about my opinions on it - so if you want to check that out in the morning or whenever then go for it!

Again thanks!

Carla said...

You threw away all those egg yolks?!?!? Make pudding, woman!! haha But really, I would've taken them. These two cakes I've made involved 2 egg yolks


Maybe we should exchange recipes. Give me your egg white recipes and I'll give you egg yolk recipes haha

Judith said...

Mom - It is tasty and very sweet. Hopefully there will be some there today.

Krysti - No worries! It's an interesting question to think about.

Carla - Haha, thank you! My most-used recipes are just angel food cake, pavlova, and macarons. You can find loads of macaron recipes on Tartelette's blog, and pavlova recipes by Googling (very simple recipe, not much variation). I'll be posting angel food here soon.