12 August 2008

Cilantro Sauce, Zucchini Blossoms, and a Long Hot Summer

All right, blogreaders, I have to be honest. The past few weeks have been like pulling teeth, which is part of why I've been saving a lot of my posts for later. But I'm going to be posting a lot in the next few weeks, promise! Basically, I had several deadlines and at the same time was stuck with really crappy headaches because of my failing glasses. Unfortunately, the result is that I don't get a vacation this summer - the plan was to have a week and a half off in August, but because I could only work a few hours a day over the past few weeks, I have to work straight through that vacation.

The good news is that I did eventually get new glasses, and despite my jaw drop at the price, I can see so much better and I like the way they look as well. Apparently my astigmatism had changed monumentally, and the distance in my left eye as well, so she wasn't even sure I'd be able to see once the prescription changed, but they seem to be working so far. Hurrah! Now, a random question: Does anyone have a Tastebook? If you leave stuff out of one section, will they take that tag out? I wish I could customize, but I really don't want a freaking meat tag in my book, thanks.

So, this post was going to be for the last blog party, along with a tasty drink I posted on Yummr, but despite my timing failure, it wasn't bad. My favourite part was the cilantro sauce, which I found on A Veggie Venture. I didn't make the burritos, but instead tried it first on French fries and then on this falafel (not homemade, I'm afraid). I love the sauce. I haven't quite found something that it's perfect with, but I'll keep searching. I did the yoghurt-and-cottage cheese version, incidentally. Oh, and the fresh cilantro didn't kill me. I also added some sauteed squash blossoms from the farmer's market as a garnish, but they were disappointing. Too much butter, maybe, but they collapsed in the pan and didn't have much of a taste. Probably better for stuffing.


Holler said...

That sauce sounds really good!

I am glad you got new glasses, all those headaches must have been awful!

Alanna @ A Veggie Venture said...

What a trial, glad the new glasses are working.

And yes, "do" : - ) try the burritos too, that sauce is gorgeous anyway but especially on the burritos.

Thanks for letting me know!