16 August 2008

MeBars? No, YouBars!

YouBars are a customizable energy bar that I got a chance to sample thanks to Blake Makes. My impression? I thought they were tasty, but small. They make a good snack but shouldn't be confused with a meal bar. At $30 for a 12-bar box, plus $7.99 shipping and handling in the US, that comes to $3.16 a bar for the three "popular" bars, or $4 a bar for a custom bar. That seems like a lot to me for a snack. Though I certainly understand that it's expensive to make energy bars with quality ingredients, this is definitely a luxury item that I can't afford right now. That said, of my sample, I really enjoyed the Honey Cashew Bar. Few ingredients is evidently a good thing, and I love the taste of the cashew butter. Great Date was also pretty good. I wasn't as impressed by the two custom bars, which I thought had too many ingredients. I do really like the crunch of the nutty rice cereal, though. If you're making your own, I'd say less is more and go with the cashew butter. You get to choose one or two nut butters, up to three types of protein, up to two nuts and seeds, up to two fruits and berries, up to two sweeteners, up to four "tasty additions" like chocolate or coffee crystals, up to two grains or cereals, and one infusion (fiber, vitamin, or greens). The package has the name you choose on it. They do, incidentally, have vegan options.


Holler said...

Certainly something a bit different Judith.

Anonymous said...

these sounded great.. I went through the custom ones and they also sound amazing. But there's no way I can justify that kind of price for snacks, I agree.

I think I might make them myself.