25 August 2008

Yet another grilled cheese

Tired of grilled cheese yet? Too bad for you. No really, this should be the last one. I think my craving is quite satisfied. This is the same "mystery" recipe as before, except with mozzarella, and I thought equally tasty. The good news is, we're finally hitting that peak point of the foodie year in Iowa City - the point where there are still good vegetables at the farmer's market, and good fruits in the grocery store, but it's cool enough in my apartment to actually cook/bake them. This is a very small window, but hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of it. Classes start tomorrow, though, and I need to think about what appetizer I'm going to bring to an international programs picnic on Thursday. It has to be from a non-US culture, so I'm thinking sigara böregi. Maybe. Also going to Kalona next week for tasty, tasty cheese, which will be a good thing. I love me some tasty cheese!


Anonymous said...

my favourite grilled cheese is pumpernickel and mozzarella/provolone mixed. you should try it. :)

Carver said...

Yum, that looks good enough to eat!

I thought the art park was at least partly done the last time we went there together but maybe not. Did you follow the link on my post. In any event there is one and shows some of the permanent and not permanent pieces there.

The art museum has a lot of land and now that the youth prison is gone that's been incorporated into the art part. Your Dad and I have been there several times for a walk. There is even a bridge now for walking over wade avenue from where part of the walk begins near Meredith.

Actually the greenway from my house goes pretty much to the art museum, not that I can walk that far. It just occurred to me that I could have called you or IM'd or emailed. I'm so used to answering blog questions on blogs I forgot that I don't need to do that with my daughter, ha. Love, Mom

Judith said...

L - I'm on it. I love pumpernickel! Haven't had it in years, either.