27 August 2008

A Taste of Iowa City

I went to an event this evening called "A Taste of Iowa City." The idea was that you could buy tickets for a dollar each, and buy food for one to three tickets by walking around downtown. The portions were small and the featured food was available outside each restaurant. I liked the concept, but I think it could use some tweaking. First, it would be nice if they had some way to put all the food in one place. Second, it would be nice to make it more of a discount. Honestly, most booths weren't charging less than they would inside the restaurant, given the portions. There were some tasty looking options like a bruschetta at 808, but it cost two dollars for a piece about half the size of my hand. I ended up getting a bowl of mostaccioli and a slice of veggie pizza for $3 total. That was a good deal, but pizza and pasta doesn't really live up to my hopes of a tasting event.

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