28 August 2008

Some drive-by enthusiasm about Belgian chocolate

Of course I know that Belgian chocolate is good. I tend to say "well what about French, German, and Swiss chocolate?" though. I still am not convinced that, as a whole, all Belgian chocolate is better than all other chocolate, but I have to say it's two for two on tasty for me. I participated in a non-foodie sort of general package exchange recently, and my box came from Belgium, with a number of things inside including what's pictured here. There was a great big ole cinnamon New Tree bar, which made me happy, as I discovered and loved New Tree when Stephanie sent me some for Blogging By Mail. But in addition, as you can see, there were several Galler bars. I'd never tried Galler, and I highly recommend it. I tried the Café Liegois bar the other day, and it was fantastic. Quality dark chocolate on the outside, delicious goopy cocoa truffle filling on the inside. It's really impossible not to eat it all in one sitting.

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