22 August 2008

Une fête du fromage!

I was very excited when one of the bloggers I read regularly, Chez Loulou, announced that her regular feature, La Fête du Fromage, would have a blogger event companion of the same name. But I also must admit, spending money on cheese is not something I can do right now. I don't know if the French economy is holding up better than the rest of the world, or if it's just the fact that cheese is *always* cheap in France (which it is), but when I went to the cheese bin and saw that even tiny, halfway decent good cheeses were $4 and up, I knew I'd burst into tears if I brought one home. So instead of celebrating the particular type of cheese (Sargento grated cheddar, extra sharp), I'm celebrating the technique.

This is my second attempt at grilled cheese, and I'm embarrassed to say that after I learned this technique I couldn't find it anywhere. I know I read about it on a blog, but I checked my favourites, tastespotting, food gawker, my Google reader, and nothing. If you know where it's from, please let me know. I know it came up in the past couple of weeks. Anyway, the super-simple technique is just to combine three parts grated cheddar with one part sour cream and a bit of dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. You put this on your bread, you butter the outside, and I again used the toaster oven technique at 425, about six minutes a side. I'll link to the real recipe as soon as I find it, but I loved the technique. It made the cheese gooey and goopey, but a lot easier to swallow than plain old melted cheese, and it comes apart better so there aren't strings of cheese hanging out of your mouth. Also, the mustard gave it just the right spice. I'm not a big mustard fan, but I loved the taste. Thanks Loulou to hosting the event and mystery blogger for the recipe!

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Holler said...

Don't know where it came from, but boy does it look good to me right now!