13 August 2008

Trying the Chocolate Chip Thing Again

Oh cookies, why are you always so volatile? Though I already have a favorite recipe, I thought I'd test something different, like everyone's been doing since the New York Times article came out. I have no time for those particular cookies with their multiple flours, so instead I found the most attractive cookie picture on Slow Like Honey's blog and decided to try those cookies - Martha's Chocolate Chip Toffee, that is. I love toffee. I especially love delicious gooey cookies as pictured on that blog post. As you can see, my first attempt didn't quite fly. See, I'd been craving cookies but didn't want to do the oven thing in the heat, so I came up with an ingenious idea. Make a batch, then pull off two-cookie chunks of dough and freeze them individually, thawing and baking in the toaster oven when in need of a snack. Of course, I always eat both large cookies at once, but you can't have it all. The first cookies I did were a bit overbaked, and way crunchy. The next two batches had the same thing happen because I forgot about them. The next few, though, were quite tasty, if not so amazing as SLH's picture. They were gooey and tasty, as long as I only baked them 11-12 minutes!


Holler said...

You are making me crave cookies now :(

LisaRene said...

To heck with the cookie just eat the dough, it's the best part anyway :)

Judith, I recall you read the book "Alone in the kitchen with an eggplant". I just posted on the subject and thought you would find it a curiosity.

FYI - I vote you move to Portland, it's a phenomenal city, liberal politics, no sever temperature fluctuations and no mosquitoes :)