14 August 2008

A Tasty On-Sale Italian Wine

So I had intended to do a cool wine and cheese tasting series of posts, wherein I would tell you about the delicious bottles of red wine I purchased on sale from my co-op, along with the delicious inexpensive cheeses I purchased last time I was in Kalona, but the fact is that I drink wine so slowly that by now I've forgotten about most of the cheeses. Oops! I do remember that the plain Wendsleydale was quite good, as was a Danish blue and a local smoked Gouda. There was a brown cheese called Gjetost that was quite frankly weird, with this sweet caramel flavor, but I think it would be an interesting one to have on a cheese plate. This wine, featured with the evidence of Nicole's possibly-needs-improvement pouring skills, is a DOC wine from Douro. That doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot to me, but it was good, full bodied, and tasty for under ten dollars. It has 12.5% alcohol.

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