17 August 2008

White Beach and Banana Smoothie

In an attempt to get a few more fruits in my diet, which is often sadly lacking in any kind of vitamins (what can I say? That cheese sandwich is a winner), I've been trying to eat smoothies for breakfast. I have to admit that smoothies make me a bit nervous, especially with frozen fruit, because though that ice-creamy taste is the best, I don't want to kill my Cuisinart. I like my Cuisinart. I really should just get a cheap blender. But anyway, this was my first attempt this summer with smoothies (a little late, I know). There were white peaches on sale, and though I normally don't really like banana, it does give a smoothie that smoothie-like texture. I didn't really taste the peach, but it was tasty enough for something healthy.

White Peach and Banana Smoothie
(makes two glasses this size, or one tall glass)

1 white peach
1/2 a banana, frozen
2 big spoonfuls plain low-fat yoghurt
a few squirts of clover honey
a generous shake of cinnamon

Slice the peach into quarters, and halve the banana half again. Dump everything else in. Pulse carefully until everything's more or less soft, then blend until smooth.


Anonymous said...

Well, the blog title intrigued me a bit. Being a devoted fan of banana smoothies, I'm definitely trying this one out. Thanks for sharing! You have a neat blog here...I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Deborah said...

I love smoothies, but for some reason always forget about them in the mornings. This one sounds delcious - a great way to eat more fruit!

Sylvie said...

You just can't beat a good smoothie!