24 August 2008

Foodie Failure

Well that was annoying. I'd been craving sweets from the time I got up around 6:30, and at about 2 pm I decided to do something about it. I was all set to make lava cake, when I managed to burn a substantial quantity of chocolate. I was so annoyed by the loss of perfectly costly chocolate and the fact that I'd have to wash yet another dish with no food in return that I gave up on the cake idea. Now I have some diced butter in my fridge that I wish was not diced, and I'm still craving sweets something awful. Ah, well. Really I'm not posting just to complain, but to tell you about a new widget I just stuck on the layout here. Look left and you'll see a little box from Suite101. It will update with my latest articles - not a whole lot about food so far, but some of them will be. And perhaps other topics you enjoy!


Kristen said...

I had that happen with cheesecake once, not too long ago. Cheesecake is one of those desserts that seems like it is expensive to make, not to mention time consuming. I whipped up the cheesecake only to have it all boil over the pan and completely self destruct. I was so annoyed!

It is a shame to have to throw away good chocolate, but we've all been there :)

Judith said...

Kristen - You're right, and I always forget how much cream cheese costs. I want to make it all the time, but yes, have to wait for those cream cheese sales.